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Little Europe:
Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany

Sept. 9 - 20, 2024
$5,400 (double occupancy); $700 single supplement 
Arrive Aachen train station, depart Frankfurt Airport

A blend of history and romantic culture, this trip combines the best of three unique countries.

Starting at the legendary Vennbahn railroad track turned bike trail, this route takes you to the famous Belgian town of Bastogne, you will learn about one of the most important events of the Second World War—the battle of the Bulge.


You’ll then cycle along various rivers, crossing the borders of Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany, and finish at the scenic Saar river. It’s a perfect ending of a wonderful trip. The scenery is varied and ideal—you’ll journey through arable fields, woods, meadows, and small towns.

The Vennbahn cycle path is a relaxed experience. The low gradient of the track and the fact that it is paved make it a comfortable ride. The rivers and its banks form a fantastic background. 

Near Bastogne, you’ll see the battlefields and the Battle of the Bulge museum. You’ll then leave the Belgium countryside, crossing into the northern part of Luxembourg to best a few hills. Occasionally, you’ll detour inland, visiting charming towns like Clervaux.


Back into Germany, you’ll pedal along the Mosel river, and you’ll end at one of the most scenic spots at the Saar river.


Moderate riding, averaging 30 to 35 miles per day.  



Trip price includes 6 dinners and all breakfasts, 11 nights' accommodations in 4-star hotels in Kornelimunster (Germany), St. Vith (Belgium), Bastogne (Belgium), Clervaux (Luxembourg), Echternach (Luxembourg) and Saarburg (Germany).


Arrival and Departure

Pick up at Aachen train station and drop-off at Frankfurt airport.


Day by Day

  • Kornelimunster (2 nights):
    Ride the Vennbahn cycle path, a relaxing experience. 


  • St. Vith (2 nights):
    Taste some Belgium beers, ride more of the Vennbahn and its scenic surroundings.


  • Bastogne (2 nights):
    Cycle to the battlefields of the Battle of the Bulge, visit the museum and see the impressive US monument.


  • Clervaux (1 night):  
    Cycle downhill into the country of Luxembourg, explore Clervaux and enjoy the evening views of the towering monastery.


  • Echternach (2 nights):
    Cycle along the scenic banks of the river bordering Germany and Luxembourg, visit the medieval abbey complex at Echternach.


  • Saarburg (2 nights):
    Cross the border by ferry into Germany and cycle along the Saar river, see the vineyards on the slopes near the river, enjoy the easy going riding, visit to the caves of a local young wine maker and enjoy a farewell dinner in the last hotel.

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