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Our Bikes 

Standard Bikes

We provide a 27- or 30-speed Giant Aero RS-1 touring bike for each rider. These lightweight aluminum/carbon bicycles are ideal for touring in any terrain. Bike rental is included in the trip price.

The bicycles are hybrid models with upright handlebars and weigh approximately 25 pounds. They come equipped with Shimano Deore shifters and cantilever brakes.

Female Sizes: S, M, and L (Pictured Top Left)

Male Sizes: M, L, and XL (Bottom Left) 

PAP Bikes    

PAP Bikes – Cortina E- Mozzo - are also available. These are not
fully electric bikes - you need to push the pedal for a boost. These
bikes are an excellent option for beginners to experienced riders
alike, depending on your riding preferences. They have three
settings (Eco, Normal, High) and eight gears.

Depending on energy usage, the mileage range is between 45 and
70 miles. We recharge these bikes every night. Bikes come with
Shimano disc brakes.

Weight is approximately 40 pounds.
There is a $ 250 surcharge for a PAP bike.

All PAP bicycles have an easy low step entry, in sizes S, M and L.

Other Options 

Tandems, road bikes and tagalongs are available, as well as the option to bring your own bike.


Contact us for details.

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